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Descendents of the post-1975 generation


We are a nation of uncommon valor embodying a great heritage protected and preserved by the blood of many. That heritage is to live free in a land of true opportunity guarded by an eternal vigilance in overcoming challenges to our way of life. We have built homes, we have built factories, we have built farms, we have built great cities while our property and freedom to live, think and worship however we want serves as a testament to our industry and enterprise. Abraham Lincoln said, “Let not he who is helpless pull down the house of others, but let him who works diligently build a house for himself.”

A great nation builds with the will, heart, determination and courage to make it even greater.  And no one has embodied this spirit more than many of our Vietnamese American neighbors. More than 40 years ago, spurred by the will to survive, the largest refugee influx ever came to the U.S. Since then, we have witnessed dozens of wars, large and small, throughout the world. But what have we learned from the past? In short: Nothing. Rather than focus on solutions, the media continues to focus on the problem.

We, however, have witnessed a formula that can change that. Not all, but many
Vietnamese Americans have learned to use the only resources they had – a resilience and indomitable will to survive – to prosper in every professional arena, from science and technology to the arts and commerce. Like other immigrant groups of the past, many have achieved great success by making this American Dream their own.

This model of success and dedication to the American spirit embodies the central message of
“Pho For The Soul,” the story of 50 such Vietnamese Americans who survived the cataclysm of war and the Americans who helped them strive to make the American Dream their own. At a time when the words “immigrant” and “refugee” have inherited such negative connotation, the stories of those in this book can be a lesson for all who want to make the American Dream theirs.

“Pho For The Soul” is not just rooted in the past, but celebrates a legacy that can be an earmark for the future.

“Pho For The Soil” with a tax-deductible donation.
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