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America’s Role - Turbulent times, global change, fierce competition, economic upheaval. And that’s the good news. We recognize changes are happening fast, but that won’t stop us from putting these changes into some kind of perspective to meet them head on and, most importantly, prepare our children and grandchildren to do the same. Whether it’s knowing what forms of renewable energy are practical or how to cope with global air pollution, we provide perspective in showing how both hemispheres – Asia and America – are intertwined and partners in this new world. Ethnic diversity makes us who we are, and we take the best from countries that we, our parents or forebears came from and turn that into something better. Innovation is what we do. We teach our young to recognize this uniqueness so that they may engender the balance and leadership that has been the hallmark of this country for generations and will continue to be for generations to come.

America’s Children -- While only 2 percent of Asian and Hispanic females move from middle school to college STEM tracks, those who do have close to a 100 percent graduation rate. But they need a head start, and that’s what BOOSTEM gives them. BOOSTEM is not the world that is, but the world that could be. But first, our students need to be aware of the technological and global challenges they face in the not-too-distant future. Rather than focus on test scores and whether our students will pass the S.A.T. to get into college, this program helps them determine whether the careers they aspire to will even be there by the time they graduate while it creates a pipeline to jobs that will.  Join this effort supported b SDG&E, the U.S. Navy and time Warner by becoming a donor, role model or speaker. Click Here

America’s Future – Our role is to lead and balance and to insure that this generation – Generation Y – and the next fully grasp the future in attitude and activity. Rather than focus on what is, we focus on what will be. Whatever  happens  today  – good or bad – is an opportunity for tomorrow. Those manufacturing jobs that were a mainstay of our economy won’t return. Rather than bemoan that fact, we focus on what is here and on keeping it here. What remains part and parcel of America is who we are – innovators and creators with an unbound freedom to do just that. Government action won’t stop outsourcing, but innovation will. Make It In America creates a pathway for investors from Asia to meet innovators and create new opportunities. To participate and take your stand for America, register here To be a panelist or sponsor one or more of the panels email To inspire our young by mentoring, go here

Renoo’s Ranch – Globalization also means recognizing the increased health threats that come with it. AIDS has killed twice as many people as the influenza pandemic of 1919. The toll continues, global travel increases the risk, and victims are changing. They are youngsters in cultures where the disease and sex is not discussed. Renoo’s Ranch  is a place they can go to reclaim their lives and rebuild their hopes and dreams.
AIDS was always something that happened to someone else. This year, it happened to someone in Renoo’s family – a 16-year-old granddaughter in Thailand who was infected after a sexual encounter. She also became pregnant.....whole story

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