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Telling the Asian American story - This is the only Asian American undertaking to receive the City of San Diego Human Relations Commission Diversity in the Media Award.  Our storytelling todaycontinues to celebrate diversity of all kinds while it informs the community, young and older, of global and technological change and how to cope with it.

Asian Heritage Awards - Recipients have become role models for our children, while their names are legend: Army Major General Antonio Taguba, Navy Rear Admiral Ron MacLaren, McDonald’s scion C.C. Yin, California Controller John Chiang, San Diego’s first elected Asian American Tom Hom, National Medal of Science winner Dr. Shu Chien, UCSD first Asian chancellor Dr. Pradeep Khosla and U.N. Ambassador Sichan Siv, among them.

Mentorship and BOOSTEM - With Alliant International University as partner and supported by institutions such as SDG&E, the U.S. Navy, Time Warner and Kyocera, leaders in business, science, technology and entrepreneurship continue as role models for our students – particularly young women whose ranks in business, science and technology need to be increased.


We are a nation of uncommon valor embodying a great heritage protected and preserved by the blood of many. That heritage is to live free in a land of true opportunity guarded by an eternal vigilance in overcoming challenges to our way of life. We have built homes, we have built factories, we have built farms, we have built great cities while our property and freedom to live, think and worship however we want serves as a testament to our industry and enterprise. Abraham Lincoln said, “Let not he who is helpless pull down the house of others, but let him who works diligently build a house for himself.” Read More

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