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WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO: Celebrating  the Asian American tapestry and  achievement while providing this generation a road map to the future.


Meeting change - We embrace it in all its positive forms. Many in our community came to the United States not only to escape corruption, totalitarianism and lack of opportunity, but to change their lives and the future for their children while embracing what it is to be American. There is no looking back – only forward to the future.

Legacy and Leadership - The best way to prepare the next generation for future success is to provide them with models.  Sharing these stories of success in media format and other settings provides unique examples of what it takes to succeed in this country as it faces globalization in all its ramifications.

Asian Heritage Awards - "We honor their work and integrity, their embrace of cultural differences, their accomplishments and achievements and their inspiration to others," states the mission of this annual recognition ceremony, in its eleventh year. From generals and admirals to academic, business and government leaders, this is the Asian Heritage Society’s pipeline of mentors for young people and proof that anything is possible in this country.

BOOSTEM - Globalization takes an appreciation of new ideas because preparing our youngsters for the rapidly changing future is tough and unmet by most of our school systems.  By combining an understanding of Business, recognizing Opportuniity and understanding the importance of global Outreach --  Science and Technology, coupled with a sense of Entrepreneurship, is our  guidepost for Middle school students to  gain a head start on their future amid rapid global and technological change.

Make It In America - As our students prepare for their future, so should we. And that means taking back our economy.  Globalization and its result – outsourcing – need to be challenged by a reinvigorated model of Freedom and Opportunity that made this country great.  Nov. 19, 2014 is the first – and most important – step in that challenge

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