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The Asian Heritage Society celebrates the Asian American tapestry and its achievements while providing this generation a road map to the future. The Society preserves the legacy of Asian Americans through its annual Asian Heritage Awards honoring achievement in categories ranging from business to public health and in so doing creates a pipeline of mentors for its BOOSTEM program, which engages middle school students in preparing for future global and technological change. The Society’s leadership program also conducts workshops that bring together Asian American youth to address issues affecting their respective communities.
The Asian Heritage Society produces these programs:

The Asian Heritage Awards "We honor their work and integrity, their embrace of cultural differences, their accomplishments and achievements and their inspiration to others," states the mission of this annual recognition ceremony. From generals and admirals to academic, business and government leaders, this is the Asian Heritage Society’s pipeline of mentors for young people and proof that anything is possible in this country.

BOOSTEM Globalization takes an appreciation of new ideas because preparing our youngsters for the rapidly changing future is tough and unmet by most of our school systems.  By combining an understanding of Business, recognizing Opportunity and understanding the importance of global Outreach --  Science and Technology, coupled with a sense of Entrepreneurship, THIS guidepost for Middle school students helps them  gain a head start on their future amid rapid global and technological change.

Make It In America This conference, produced by the Asian Heritage Society and hosted by U.S. Congressman Scott Peters and co-hosted by San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts, focuses on why San Diego County is the most innovative hub for business in the nation and why the USA is where the future works and not where it is stuck. As our students prepare for their future, so should we. And that means taking back our economy.  Globalization and its result – outsourcing – need to be challenged by a reinvigorated model of Freedom and Opportunity that made this country great.  Nov. 19, 2014 is the first – and most important – step in that challenge.

    We are faced with unprecedented problems in the wake of rapidly developing global and technological change: Unrelenting typhoons in the Philippines, life-threatening pollution in China, collapsing economy in Thailand, serious infrastructure impediments in Vietnam, lack of access to clean water, energy ineffici cy, debilitating public health issues and inadequate food supplies in many parts of Asia.
    Th s conference matches entrepreneurs in those countries affected who are ready collaborate with like-minder social entrepreneurs in America who have matching technologies to effectively introduce ways to tackle recurring problems and improve the lives in those countries affected.

    A secondary goal of this conference is to demonstrate why the United States of America is still the best place in which to do business because of 1. Freedom to experiment; 2. Wealth of technologies; 3. A political and economic system conducive to innovation; 4. Willingness to experiment and fail; 5.Highly educated labor force; 6. Supportive higher education system; 7. Abundance of research sectors

    American society, with its freewheeling spirit, its diversity of opinions and talents, its flex ble economy, its work ethic and penchant for innovation, atmosphere of entrepreneurship and commitment to the future is the most ideally suited environment to thrive in the tremendously challenging world of technological and global change.

    Only America has the knowhow to harness talent to foster and jump start ideas, movements, careers, products, jobs and industries with the rapid fi e of a speeding bullet because of these basic foundations:

1. System of public education
2. Continual improvement of infrastructure (roads, bridges, fiberoptics, bandwidth, wireless networks)
3. Strong immigration
4. Support of research and development
5. Regulations and law that guide private economic activity and protect opportunity against intellectual theft,
fi ancial collapse and environmental destruction


• Understanding Social Entrepreneurship
• Pursuing innovative solutions to social problems
• Addressing global issues – from murderous typhoons to deadly pollution
• Global effect of public health issues
• Identifying practical future technologies
• Creating opportunity
• Doing business in America
• Pluses and minuses of relocating to California
• Latest in immigration law
• Finding a platform for your product
• How to obtain help from established partners, government, business and community leaders
• Immigration laws – who benefits?
• Where to find help
• Building valuable networks
• How to access the American market
• Location, location, location
• Jobs here; solutions there – a win-win
• Latest developments in in biocom, E-commerce, stem cell research, bioengineering, clean energy, water conservation, strengthening the food chain

Renoo’s Ranch – Globalization also means recognizing the increased health threats that come with it. AIDS has killed twice as many people as the influenza pandemic of 1919. The toll continues, global travel increases the risk, and victims are changing. They are youngsters in cultures where the disease and sex is not discussed. Renoo’s Ranch  is a place they can go to reclaim their lives and rebuild their hopes and dreams.