The Asian Heritage Society celebrates the Asian American tapestry and its achievements while providing this generation a road map to the future. The Society preserves the legacy of Asian Americans through its annual Asian Heritage Awards honoring achievement in categories ranging from business to public health and in so doing creates a pipeline of mentors for its BOOSTEM program, which engages middle school students in preparing for future global and technological change. The Society’s leadership program also conducts workshops that bring together Asian American youth to address issues affecting their respective communities. We foster:


Our annual Asian Heritage Awards, in its 17th year, begins with these words: “We honor their work and integrity, their embrace of cultural differences, their accomplishments and achievements and their inspiration to others.” This annual recognition ceremony honors the achievements of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans and organizations. From generals and admirals to academic, business and government leaders, this is the Asian Heritage Society’s pipeline of mentors for young people and proof that anything is possible in this country.


Globalization takes an appreciation of new ideas because preparing our youngsters for the rapidly changing future is tough and unmet by most of our school systems.  By combining an understanding of Business, recognizing Opportunity and understanding the importance of global Outreach —  Science and Technology, coupled with a sense of Entrepreneurship guided by a strong team of Mentors, this guidepost for middle school students we call BOOSTEM (all bold) helps them  gain a head start on their futures.


“Make It In America” is a periodic conference that focuses on why the United States is an innovative hub for business and technology and why  the USA is where the future works and not where it is stuck. As our students prepare for their future, so should we. And that means taking back our economy.  Globalization and its result – outsourcing – need to be challenged by a reinvigorated model of Freedom and Opportunity that made this country great.


Globalization also means recognizing the increased health threats that come with it nd addressing them with compassion and understanding. The pandemic of the last two years has killed more than a million Americans. The toll will likely continue as global travel increases the risk as it has in the past with AIDS. This insidious sexually transmitted disease affects youngsters in cultures where sex is hardly discussed.
RENOO’S RANCH is a place they can go to reclaim their lives and rebuild their hopes and dreams. 
Seniors First, another special program,
Seniors are challenged in many ways:
* It is dangerous for them to leave their homes
* They must stay away from crowds
* They have challenges in the home
* In most or many cases, they have no help
We are their helping hand. Our buying program supplies items at very affordable prices, is targeted to their needs and 10 percent of the proceeds from sales over $110 goes directly to senior nursing homes or programs helping seniors. Ninety-five percent of items for sale are new, right out of the box. Where they are not, we explain all conditions surrounding the item.


Where most Asian Americans make their homes, what kind of jobs they have, how much are they worth — births, social customs, marriages, voter preferences and much more. You will find it here.


All the news that we feel fit to print. Not the nonsense and fake news you can pick up from social media and sites such as Facebook. Here is where you will find real facts that you can depend on to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world.